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Coaching Courses

Make the most of your holiday!

Whether you're looking for a chilled out lesson or two with the family or a full on game transformation, we can build coaching packages to suit you during your stay here on holiday in Marbella. Our most popular packages are as follows:



It goes without saying that we can build any type of coaching schedule that you wish. With enough notice, you can choose your exact times and durations of each session to suit your schedule and budget, along with whether you want to be on the course, on the range, on the short game areas or in the gym.

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  • 2 Hours Coaching at the Academy every morning
  • 9 holes on-course coaching on one of our three courses (including green fees and buggies)
  • Day 1 involves in-depth analysis using slow motion video and Trackman
  • Goal setting and development plan to follow your break here with us
  • Can be adjusted according to the length of your stay

From as little as €60 per player per day!

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Ever wanted to experience the "Tour Pro" treatment? Now you can spend a week with our expert coaches being trained in all areas of your game in the same way we train our Tour Professionals! This is for the serious golfer and includes:

  • Day 1 - Full analysis including physical screening, Trackman, K-Vest, SAM PuttLab and SAM BalanceLab Forceplate analyses. Also included is an assessment of your current equipment. (4 Hour Session)
  • Day 2 - On-Course statistical analysis of exactly where you are losing shots (9 Holes)
  • Day 3 - Full report of your game and delivery of your development programme. This will include coaching and/or physical training in your weak areas. (3 Hours)
  • Day 4, 5 and 6 - Coaching according to your development plan. This may involve on-course coaching, short game, long game, putting, equipment optimisation or gym work depending on what is necessary to develop your game fastest.
  • Maximum 3 players per coach to ensure sufficient individual attention is given to each player.

1 Player: €1399

2 Players: €899 each

3 or more Players: €699 each

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This is a 6 day “crash course” designed for new and “never” golfers who want to get their first handicap.

  • Includes four 2-hour coaching sessions and two 3-hour on-course coaching sessions
  • Covers fundamental technique in all areas of the game in a fun, relaxed and pressureless environment
  • Club hire included
  • Learn on our private academy course about essential golfing etiquette, basic rules and how to correctly mark a scorecard
  • Reach a level of understanding and skill proficiency to get your first handicap!
  • Great for couples, friends and individuals!


1 Player: €1099

2 Players: €649 each

3 Players: €499 each

4 or more Players: €449 each

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Not for the faint-hearted! This is an intensive course aiming to reduce the player’s handicap by half in a week!

  • This is a 6 day course, 4 hours per day spent with our highly qualified MCGA Coaches.
  • Our coaches are experts in swing technique, golf specific fitness, equipment optimisation and sports psychology. All of these areas may be focused on in order to achieve your goal.
  • Maximum 3 players per coach to ensure sufficient individual attention is given to each player
  • Video analysis, Trackman, K-Vest, Force Plates and SAM PuttLab will be used whenever necessary…all included in the price.
  • Coaching time may be spent on the course, in the gym or on the practice ground depending on where the areas of focus for each player may be. This course isn’t about mixing it up for variety’s sake; it is about maximum results in minimum time!


1 Player: €1599

2 Players: €999 each

3 or more Players: €749 each

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