When you start golfing, a comfortable and correct outfit and sports shoes are all you need to get started.

If you decide to take up golf, you can buy half a set of new or used clubs. There are good bargains, as there are many people who like to change their equipment. The pros are generally very good advice in this matter.

As far as golf shoes are concerned, the most important thing is that they should be comfortable and preferably waterproof in rainy weather. The traditional metal nails on the soles are now being replaced by soft-spikes.

Other useful or even essential elements: balls, and something to protect yourself from the sun and rain with a cap (or visor, or hat…) and umbrella!

The experienced player will have with him a glove, a chip, a pitch lifter, accessories that a beginner will also have to take with him very quickly, balls of his favourite brand, a bigger bag with up to 14 clubs, the maximum allowed by the rules, an up-to-date golf rules book, rain gear…

A lot of golfers have a cart for their bag. In this area too, there is a wide range of models for all tastes and prices …

You can find all these articles, equipment and outfits in golf pro-shops, specialist shops and in large sports equipment chains.


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